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Signature Flavours

The Original Veg Samosa

Original Veg

A hearty assortment of seasonal garden vegetables – butternut squash, potato, peas and mixed peppers, combined with Big Mum’s traditional spice mix.

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Chilli Paneer

Big Mum’s popular Asian twist – the Chilli Paneer is stuffed with assortments of cheeses pleasantly blended with a mix of onions and peppers, tossed in a sweet and spicy sauce.

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Slow Cooked Lamb

Succulent shredded lamb slow cooked for 4 hours, marinated in secret spices and wrapped in the crispiest pastry.


Chicken Tikka

A classic with it’s own identity, the Chicken Tikka gathers shredded chicken marinated in spices and coated with a masala sauce – just how Big Mum likes it.


The Cheeseburger

Yes, you read correctly.
The Cheeseburger – contains seasoned beef, pickled gherkins, onions and American cheese all wrapped in Big Mum’s famous pastry.

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Apple Pie

A real comforting treat. Locally sourced apples cooked in a reduced sweet apple sauce with a hint of cinnamon, enclosed in Big Mum’s forever loved crispy delight.

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Dietary & Allergen Key

Suitable for:
v Vegan   vg Vegetatian

d Dairy   s Sesame Seeds   g Gluten

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What People Say

The cheeseburger samosa tastes better than a Big Mac!


The best samosas in the land


The best samosas ever made


I can’t get enough of the apple pie ones… I love them!